Weirdest Attractions to Visit in Chicago

Chicago isn’t the first place you’d think to go looking for weird and strange attractions and curiosities. But the midwest is just clever at hiding our bizarre streak.

Look for these 4 wonderfully weird attractions the next time you’re in the Windy City, and if you need an extra buck to make it there try getting money on the way by visiting Chicago Title Loans.

1. Sh*t Fountain

Local religious and political artist, Jerzy S. Kenar, erected this monument dedicated to all the dogs who ever took a crap on his flowerbeds. The neighbors get a chuckle out of it, and hopefully it reminds them to pick up after their dogs.

The fountain itself consists of a giant bronze coiling poop, resting nobly atop a 3-foot sandstone pillar emblazoned with the title of the piece in all caps, “SH*T FOUNTAIN.” It trickles water from near the peak of the poop down into the basin on which it sits.

People make a point to stop and take a quick selfie next to it, and pay their respects to the weird poop statue in West Town at 1001 North Wolcott Avenue, where the statue sits out front of Kenar’s private residence.

2. Puppet Bike

This is one of those if-you’re-lucky-you’ll-see-him kind of local quirks. Puppet Bike is a mythical and magical occurrence in Chicago. You’ll see the creator, Jason Trusty, painstakingly pedal the unwieldy-looking contraption up to a busy street corner in Chicago, plunk the bike/puppet stage down, and start performing.

It even has speakers built into the brightly painted thing, so he can play music to accompany the puppet shows. You’ll see him crawl up into the box that’s attached to the bike, and then he’ll get to work!

It’s bizarre. Sometimes the shows don’t make that much sense. But it’ll put a smile on your face if you’re lucky enough to catch a performance at the elusive Puppet Bike. He tends to hang out downtown in the Grant/Adams area, so keep an eye out and tip your friendly neighborhood Puppet Bike!

3. Big Joe’s Turtle Racing

If you’re the betting kind, put your money on a turtle at Big Joe’s. Every Friday at 9 pm, they’ll offer discounted pitchers of beer, assign you one of their racing turtles like Chucks, Lola, Doozy, Swisher, Jolanda, or Lucky Dan, and you’re off to the races.

If your turtle comes in dead last, Big Joe’s will give you a free drink to ease the sting. In November, they have a turtle racing championship, where the winner gets a trip to Las Vegas.

Chicago takes turtle racing very seriously. What else is there to do in the winter months but participate in weird events and cheer at bored turtles? Check it out at 1818 W Foster Ave.

4. The International Museum of Surgical Science

Housed in an already spooky historic lakefront mansion, at 1524 N. Lake Shore Drive, the International Museum of Surgical Science is not for the squeamish. If that’s your kind of thing, you can even hold events in the museum. Just maybe don’t serve hor’dourves when you’re surrounded by gruesome antique medical illustrations.

The museum started its collection in 1950, and has since created one of the best glimpses into the history of surgical science and medicine in the U.S.