Chicago Draft Beer On The Rise

Hop farmers in Michigan are providing Chicago breweries with the finest quality of hops. Chicago’s top breweries like Goose Island and Revolution are looking to the North and not so much to the West for their hops. Hop Head Farmers have become one of the finest growers in the Midwest. Giving the western breweries a run for their money with their quality hops it is no surprise that these Chicago breweries can’t get enough.


Hop Head Farmers was initially founded by husband and wife Bonnie and Jeff Steinman and Chicagoan Nunzino Pizza in 2011. Their farm is based in Hickory Corners, Michigan and it is their where they have master the art of hop farming. Importing their hops from countries like Czech Republic and Germany. Going on fifteen years of experience their sustainable growing system and attention to detail has expanded their farming abilities. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art food processing center. Since partnering with Ceres Partners in 2014 they were able to go from a small thirty acre hop farm to well over one hundred fifty acres of growing potential. Just in the last year in a half their ability to meet the high demands of Chicago land’s breweries has grown exponentially. They are hoping to grow their farm lands to over five hundred acres. Which will enable the company to increase production and their growing abilities. So good news for Chicago breweries in need of their products.


What makes this company so exclusive compared to other is their ability to grow wet hopes. Wet hops are used to produce wet hop ales. A fresh picked hop from the field that will create those desirable ales for the August and October season that are desired by many. Sales tend to increase during that time just for those seasonal brews. It provides the beer will a more delicate and airy taste when fresh wet hops are added to the mix.


They have become a reliable source for hops for their customers. When having trouble finding the hops needed. Hop Head Farms can and has provided hops during situations just like this one. The Senior Brewer and Hop Selector at Goose Island did just that after his shipment was delayed from some other company Hop Head was able to provide hip with a solution within twelve hours. They understand time is money and the longer a business’s production is halted the more costly it is.


With Pizza being a Chicagoan he states “One of the things we really wanted to be was a part of the community.” Their goals are director to great customer service and helping out the community when in need. Knowing that Hop Head Farms has the back of Chicago breweries gives brewers a sign of relief. With their ever growing business the brewers they supply to will be able to create and invent new draft favorites for years to come.