73 Year Old Chicago Man Charged With Murdering 19 Year Old Wife

Donnie Rudd a former and once well respected lawyer is being held without bond on charges for murdering his wife Noreen Kumeta Rudd. Rudd is currently being hospitalized for a bacterial skin infection in an Illinois hospital. His defense attorney Tim Grace has a new court date set for Rudd. This case was originally closed in 1973 when a car accident was said to be the cause of death for Rudd’s wife. Rudd was disbarred as a lawyer for dishonesty in 1994. What else has this lawyer been dishonest of? Arlington Heights police starting looking into a case three years ago when Rudd was questioned as a suspect regarding a case where a woman was found dead shot in the head. When questioned it led officiers to the investigation of Rudd murdering his wife. He was inconsistent in answering questions about Noreen’s death.


In 1973 Noreen Kumeta Rudd was thought to have died in a horrific car accident with newly wed husband Donnie Rudd.  The couple was married less than a month at the time of her death. Rudd was found at the scene of the accident wife in arms stating that she was thrown from the car during the collision. Her head covered in blood. Rudd states that she had hit her head on a rock from being thrown from the care. A rock was found at the scene with blood smeared on it just as Rudd described.  Rudd stated the cause of the accident happened when he was to avoid hitting a car that came into their lane. The accident took place in Barrington Township, Illinois.  No autopsy was completed on Noreen as at that time the injuries coincided with a death from the collision. The prosecution’s case is stating that Rudd is covering up the murder. He planned the car accident and staged everything so no one would even question that he had anything to do with her death other that it being a car accident.


In 2013, the body of Noreen Rudd was exhumed by the Arlington Police department. An autopsy was performed at that point and concluded that her death was caused by repeated blows to the head. This indicates that the car accident did not cause her death as said by the coroner. Donnie Rudd was arrested in Sugar Land, Texas at his apartment for the murder of his nineteen year old wife Noreen Rudd in 1973.


Over forty years have gone by and though Rudd has not been tried for this case yet evidence shows pretty clear this was no accident. Once he is released from the hospital he will be released into police custody. He is not allowed bond. His defense attorney Tim Grace states his charges are “unjustified” and their case is based on the statement “Sometimes bad things happen and no one’s at fault.. and that’s our position of what happened here.” Somehow I don’t think that defense will hold up in this case.